About NBNe - Natural Builders Northeast

Natural Builders Northeast was founded in March of 2006, when, feeling a need to network and identify as a community, a group of about 15 building professionals from New York and New England gathered together for a weekend of exchanging thoughts, details, strategies, stories, successes, and failures.

NBNe serves as a vehicle for professionals working with natural building processes and materials to support each other and themselves by sharing information, exchanging references, improving techniques and practices, and working together to expand the natural building movement in the northeastern United States.

If you are a building, design, engineer, or other related professional or potential homeowner interested in contacting one of our members, you can find someone in your region in the members section.

Statement of Intent and Purpose:

We are designers, builders, and educators dedicated to expanding and promoting natural building. We believe natural building is a building system that places highest priority on social, environmental, personal, and cultural relationships. We strive to be humane, considerate of the builder, the structure's owner, and the community as a whole. Natural building looks at the whole stream of the process of building: from where materials come from to where they ultimately end up. We are focused on an expansive view of sustainability, one that includes not just the environment, but ourselves and social relationships. We see the ethics of natural building as including: non-hierarchy; respect for ourselves, each other, and the environment; establishing relationships - not just doing a job; trust; and, collaboration and support for each other.

NBNe Members

NBNe Professional Members at the 2007 Annual Meeting